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La définition du mot "pad":
+3 rate 1. piece of soft material which cushions; block of pages stacked together and connected on one side; one's lodging, apartment (Slang); sanitary napkin; soft padded sections on the bottom of an animal's paw; sound of footsteps
rate 2. Packet Assembler and Disassembler: A PAD assembles packets of asynchronous data and emits these buffers in a burst to a packet switch network. The PAD also disassembles packets from the network and emits the data to the non-packet device.
rate 3. airport Name: Paderborn/Lippstadt Airport; location: Paderborn, Germany; IATA Code: PAD; ICAO Code: EDLP
rate 4. cushion; fill; fill out; walk, go by foot
rate 5. F L A T S U R F A C E (n) a hard flat area of ground where helicopters can take off and land, or from which rockets are sent The hotel has its own helicopter pad. Missiles have been launched from their pads deep in enemy territory. A pad is also one of the large flat leaves of a water lily.
rate 6. brake pads.
rate 7. Acronym for "Program Associated Data".
rate 8. Packet Assember/Disassembler
rate 9. A portion of the conductive pattern that is typically used for the connection, and/or attachment of components. Also called footprint or a land.
rate 10. apartment, digs. Usage example: You have a nice pad, Nora. I love your leather furniture!
rate 11. apartment, digs You have a nice pad, Nora. I love your leather furniture!
rate 12. slang house, home, place where you live
rate 13. Airport Acronym Packet Assembler/Disassembler
rate 14. Packet Assembler/Disassembler
rate 15. A switch on a mixing desk input channel which attenuates (reduces the level of) a signal.
rate 16. Packet Assembler/Disassembler Paquete Assembler/ Disassembler
rate 17. Packet Assembler / Disassembler
rate 18. Program Associated Data
rate 19. dwelling, especially a single room
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