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rate 1. type of tropical fruit
rate 2. Large palmlike plant (Carica papaya; family Caricaceae), cultivated throughout the tropics and warm subtropics and its succulent juicy fruit. A popular breakfast fruit in many countries, it is also used in salads, pies, sherbets, juices and confections. The juice of the unripe fruit contain an enzyme that is useful in various remedies for indigestion and in meat tenderizers.
rate 3. also called papaw or pawpaw succulent fruit of a large plant (Carica papaya) of the family Caricaceae that is considered a tree, though its palmlike trunk, up to 8 m (26 feet) tall, is not as woody as the designation generally implies. The plant is crowned by deeply lobed leaves, sometimes 60 cm (2 feet) across, borne on hollow petioles 60 cm long. Normally, the species is dioecious, male and female flowers being produced on separate plants; but hermaphroditic forms are known and numerous irregularities in the distribution of the sexes are common. Male flowers are borne in clusters on stalks 90 cm long; the flowers are funnel-shaped, about 2.5 mm (0.1 inch) long and whitish and the corolla is five-lobed, with 10 stamens in the throat. The female flowers are considerably larger, on very short stalks and often solitary in the leaf axils; they have five fleshy petals that are united toward the base and a large cylindrical or globose superior ovary that is crowned by five fan-shaped sessile stigmas. The fruit is commonly spherical to cylindrical in form, is 75 to 500 mm or even more in length and sometimes weighs as much as 9 to 11.5 kg (20 to 25.5 pounds). In general character it strongly resembles a muskmelon. The very juicy flesh is deep yellow or orange to salmon-coloured and about 25 mm thick. Along the walls of the large central cavity are attached the numerous round, wrinkled black seeds, the size of peas. Though its origin is rather obscure, the papaya may represent the fusion of two or more species of Carica native to Mexico and Central America. Today it is cultivated throughout the tropical world and into the warmest parts of the subtropics. The papaya fruit is slightly sweet, with an agreeable musky tang, which is more pronounced in some varieties and in some climates than in others. It is a popular breakfast fruit in many countries and is also used in salads, pies, sherbets, juices and confections. The unripe fruit can be cooked like squash. The unripe fruit contains a milky juice in which is present a protein-digesting enzyme known as papain, which greatly resembles the animal enzyme pepsin in its digestive action. This juice is used in the preparation of various remedies for indigestion and in the manufacture of meat tenderizers. Papayas are usually grown from seed. Their development is rapid, fruit being produced before the end of the first year. Under favourable conditions, a plant may live five years or more.
rate 4. pawpaw (n) a large oval fruit with a yellowish skin and sweet orange flesh, or the tropical tree on which this grows See picture: Fruit
rate 5. A sweet tropical fruit. The juice of this fruit yields an enzyme that is used as a meat tenderizer.
rate 6. Amount per 100g: Calories: 39 / Total Fat: 0 g / Saturated Fat: 0 g / Cholesterol: 0 mg / Sodium: 3 mg / Total Carbohydrate: 10 g / Dietary Fiber: 2 g / Protein: 1 g / Vitamin A: 284 IU / Vitamin C: 62 mg / Calcium: 24 mg / Iron: 0 mg
rate 7. One of two proto-Hattic goddesses of fate. With a distaff and a mirror they determine the fate of humans. The other goddess is Isdustaya.
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